About the EVERST4K Expedition

Everest4K is not only a expedition project, campaign and TV production but the fulfillment of a dream of two friends facing their chance of a lifetime. Working on Everest!

Expedition / Team / Route / Partners

Unlike most expeditions we are not following the common Khumbu route in Nepal. Instead we’re climbing the classic northeast ridge route from Tibet.

During the last years the northern route has turned out to be safer. The main reason for that is that you don’t have to scramble through the dangerous Khumbu icefall. You also have less tourists around. On the other hand there is no other route on an 8000m peak where you spend more time and walk more distance above 8000m.

For us as a film team and less experienced climbers it is necessary that the route is not too technical and fixed with ropes so that we can do our job behind the camera. The northeast ridge route allows this.

Roughly 40m of climbing on the second step at 8610m. Photo: AMICALalpin

There are six camps en-route to the summit. Arriving at Chinese Base Camp (5400m) after a three-day truck trip from Kathmandu, we will follow the trail via an intermediate camp at 6000m to the Advanced Base Camp at 6400m. This is the highest base camp in the world. From here we’ll climb up the steep slopes to North Col where we’ll pitch Camp I at around 7050m. After Camp I there are two more camps at 7800m and 8300m. The last camp is only used during the night before the final ascent.

The most difficult part of the climb is the part just before the summit where we have to face three rock steps. This might take a lot time due to traffic and thin air. After summiting we will descent as quickly as possible using the existing camps on the way, taking back down all our litter and gear.

View from the summit of Everest at 8850m. Photo: AMICALalpin

Expedition will not be continued

DISPATCH #9 April 27,  Base Camp at 5150m 
This morning Alix von Melle and Luis Stitzinger, Alexander Brutscher (BR) as well as Nils Peuse and Hannes K√ľnkel (Third Pole) decided to cancel their Everest 2015 expedition in light of the tragic events that have occurred and are still occurring on Mt. Everest and in Nepal.

Earth quake in Nepal

DISPATCH #8 April 25,  Base Camp at 5150m 
As we were waiting for lunch at around 12am the Himalaya was hit by a massive earthquake. The earth was shaking heavily for at least 30 seconds followed by rockfall from the debris flanks.

Into the ice of Everest

DISPATCH #7 April 22,  Base Camp at 5150m 
We left Base Camp for the first time to hike up to an intermediate Camp at 5750m. We followed the glacier tongue of Rongbuk glacier before climbing up into the right tributary of the Eastern Rongbuk glacier which will lead us up to the North Col (7050m).

Adapting to high altitude

DISPATCH #6 April 21,  Base Camp at 5150m 
When we got out of the bus three days ago our single tents had been already pitched by the Sherpa crew so we only had to pitch our production tent. What sounds easy is really hard work when you are not acclimatized and by now we definitely are not.