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Everest4K is not only a expedition project, campaign and TV production but the fulfillment of a dream of two friends facing their chance of a lifetime. Working on Everest!

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DISPATCH #9, April 27, Base Camp at 5150m This morning Alix von Melle and Luis Stitzinger, Alexander Brutscher (BR) as well as Nils Peuse and Hannes Künkel (Third Pole) decided to cancel their Everest 2015 expedition in light of the tragic events that have occurred and are still occurring on Mt. Everest and in Nepal.

Considering one of the worst humanitarian catastrophes in the recent history of Nepal including the injuries and, unfortunately, deaths of many Sherpas and climbers on the south face of Everest, it is not possible for us to continue climbing or filming.

Most of our Sherpas and Nepali helpers up here have not been able to contact their families or friends and we want to support them to leave the mountain as soon as possible.

There are warnings for even more earthquakes and nobody can guarantee for any kind of safety on Mount Everest. The risk of avalanches has increased significantly and we have been told that the route up to the North Col has been damaged badly. Other than that the Chinese authorities will probably decide to officially close the mountain completely this afternoon.

The journey back will probably take some time as the roads and infrastructure in Nepal is damaged heavily. We will have to wait and see.

Our thoughts are with our friends and partners in Nepal.


Heute, am 27.04.2015 um 8 Uhr MET haben Alix v. Melle und Luis Stitzinger, Alexander Brutscher vom BR sowie Nils Peuse und Hannes Künkel von Third Pole entschieden ihre Everest 2015 Expedition abzubrechen.

Wir fünf sehen uns nicht in der Lage in Anbetracht einer der größten humanitären Katastrophen der jüngeren Geschichte Nepals, einschließlich vieler Todesopfer und Verletzter an der Südseite des Everest, unsere Arbeit an einer Besteigungsdokumentation und an diversen Werbekampagnen fortzusetzen.

Unsere Sherpa und nepalesischen Helfer haben zum Teil noch keinen Kontakt zu ihren Angehörigen und wir möchten ihnen jede Freiheit geben, so schnell wie möglich das einzig wichtige tun zu können und den Berg zu verlassen.

Wir und unsere Kunden stellen uns ganz deutlich gegen jede voyeuristische oder ignorante Handlungsweise und werden nach unserer Rückkehr gemeinsam überlegen, inwiefern wir uns gemeinsam hilfreich engagieren können.

Es bestehen aktuelle Warnungen vor weiteren Beben und niemand kann eine objektive Aussage zur Sicherheit des Normalweges geben. Die Gefahr von Eislawinen und Abbrüchen ist durch die Beben erheblich gestiegen. Die verantwortlichen chinesischen Behörden werden vermutlich heute Nachmittag eine Entscheidung treffen, ob der Berg komplett gesperrt wird. Unsere Entscheidung steht aber unabhängig davon fest. Die Rückreise wird vermutlich über China abgewickelt werden, da die Straßenverbindung und Infrastruktur in Nepal zu sehr zerstört ist.

Unsere Gedanken sind bei unseren nepalesischen Freunden und Partnern in dieser schweren Zeit.


Heike April 27 2015 Thank God, you made the only sensible decision which I expected you to make...Nevertheless a great decision! All the best for you and even more for the sherpas - may your way out of the country be one during which perhaps you can be helpful to those suffering and not too sad for yourselves to view what you have once known in beauty and peacefulness.Heike
Christoph Kraaibeek April 27 2015 I agree to what Heike wrote. Our thoughts are with all people in Nepal and Tibet!!
Kai Bergen April 27 2015 Gratuliere zu eurer Waisen Entscheidung. Auch wir denken an all die Betroffenen Einheimischen und wünschen Euch eine gute Rückreise. Beste Grüße aus GÖ
Kareen & Peter April 27 2015 We are sure it was a hard decision to make - but definitely it is the only right decision considering all the suffering around you and the responsibilities you have taken for yourself and your complete team. May you all arrive home safely. Our thoughts will be with you and all the victims of the earthquake. Have a safe trip home.
phildc bhutan project May 4 2015 dear hannes and friends safe journey home and all the best to you and your nepali friends! tashidelek philippe & UZH bhutan team

Earth quake in Nepal

DISPATCH #8 April 25,  Base Camp at 5150m 
As we were waiting for lunch at around 12am the Himalaya was hit by a massive earthquake. The earth was shaking heavily for at least 30 seconds followed by rockfall from the debris flanks.

Into the ice of Everest

DISPATCH #7 April 22,  Base Camp at 5150m 
We left Base Camp for the first time to hike up to an intermediate Camp at 5750m. We followed the glacier tongue of Rongbuk glacier before climbing up into the right tributary of the Eastern Rongbuk glacier which will lead us up to the North Col (7050m).

Adapting to high altitude

DISPATCH #6 April 21,  Base Camp at 5150m 
When we got out of the bus three days ago our single tents had been already pitched by the Sherpa crew so we only had to pitch our production tent. What sounds easy is really hard work when you are not acclimatized and by now we definitely are not.

Arrival at base camp

DISPATCH #5 April 17,  Base Camp at 5150m 
DISPATCH #5, April 17, Base Camp at 5150m. Everything worked as planned so far. Yesterday we reached the Tibetan Basecamp at Everest at around 5200m. It was a strange experience both physically and mentally to drive up to basecamp with a jeep.