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Everest4K is not only a expedition project, campaign and TV production but the fulfillment of a dream of two friends facing their chance of a lifetime. Working on Everest!

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DISPATCH #8, April 25, Base Camp at 5150m As we were waiting for lunch at around 12am the Himalaya was hit by a massive earthquake. The earth was shaking heavily for at least 30 seconds followed by rockfall from the debris flanks.

Just a few minutes ago we experienced the third and fourth aftershock three hours after the first one. Here in Base Camp nobody was hurt, yet five minutes after the earthquake the rumours started coming in. We do not want to take part in spreading any rumours and will remain silent for the next few days and hope for the best. It is a tragic day.

Our position in the Base Camp is one of the safest around here. If everyone on our side of the mountain is safe, we might stick to our schedule, but since information comes in very slowly up here we can’t tell what’s going to happen here in basecamp yet. We will have to wait and keep you posted. Stay safe everyone!

Debris at base camp during earth quake


Muhlack,Claus April 25 2015 freue mich das es euch gut geht! Weiter alles gute -schicke euch den beistand den ihr jetzt braucht.
Christoph Kraaibeek April 26 2015 Mögen sie alle beschützt bleiben. God bless you!
Heike April 26 2015 Thank God there are modern communication means to let us know about your well-being! Support the grief of your sherpas who probably mourn family members and make wise decisions for yourselves. We at home long for your to come home safely.
dörthe April 26 2015 Gott sei Dank es geht Euchgut! Wir denken an Euch und alle Eure Leute und auch an die, die helfen. Seid tapfer alle zusammen und haltet zusammen.
Lars April 27 2015 Stay safe!
Urs Tillmanns April 27 2015 Hallo miteinander Wir sind froh, dass es Euch gut geht und können den Entscheid, die Expedition abzubrechen, sehr gut nachvollziehen. In Absprache mit Panasonic hatten wir eine Top Story auf unserer Webseite aufgeschaltet http://www.fotointern.ch/archiv/2015/04/26/mit-der-lumix-gh4-unterwegs-zum-dach-der-welt/ mit der Ueberlegung, dass möglichst viele Fotointern-Leser Euere Expedition mitverfolgen können. Daraus ist jetzt leider nichts geworden. Sollte die Expedition jedoch zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt neu aufgegriffen werden, berichten wir selbstverständlich gerne über Euer Vorhaben. Nun wünschen wir Euch weiterhin alles Gute. Wir sind in Gedanken mit Euch und wünschen Euch eine sichere Heimreise. Urs Tillmanns, Fotointern.ch

Expedition will not be continued

DISPATCH #9 April 27,  Base Camp at 5150m 
This morning Alix von Melle and Luis Stitzinger, Alexander Brutscher (BR) as well as Nils Peuse and Hannes Künkel (Third Pole) decided to cancel their Everest 2015 expedition in light of the tragic events that have occurred and are still occurring on Mt. Everest and in Nepal.

Into the ice of Everest

DISPATCH #7 April 22,  Base Camp at 5150m 
We left Base Camp for the first time to hike up to an intermediate Camp at 5750m. We followed the glacier tongue of Rongbuk glacier before climbing up into the right tributary of the Eastern Rongbuk glacier which will lead us up to the North Col (7050m).

Adapting to high altitude

DISPATCH #6 April 21,  Base Camp at 5150m 
When we got out of the bus three days ago our single tents had been already pitched by the Sherpa crew so we only had to pitch our production tent. What sounds easy is really hard work when you are not acclimatized and by now we definitely are not.

Arrival at base camp

DISPATCH #5 April 17,  Base Camp at 5150m 
DISPATCH #5, April 17, Base Camp at 5150m. Everything worked as planned so far. Yesterday we reached the Tibetan Basecamp at Everest at around 5200m. It was a strange experience both physically and mentally to drive up to basecamp with a jeep.