DISPATCH #3 April 14,  Approach 
After crossing the border and staying one night in Zhangmu at 2700m we drove up to Nyalam at 3700m. It was an incredible drive on a good road through a gorge which cut deep into the Himalayan main ridge.

Into Tibet

DISPATCH #2 April 10,  Approach 
We finally crossed the border to Tibet after a pretty good ride out of Kathmandu and a gathering of the German mountaineering scene in a roadside tea house, where we met climbers David Göttler, Raphael Slawinksi and Daniel Bartsch. Apparently it’s a small world, even in the Himalayas!

Leaving Kathmandu

DISPATCH #1 April 10,  Approach 
Finally we arrived in Kathmandu. Now we are „all in” on Everest. This journey means a lot of new experiences for us two individual travellers: getting to know our group (pretty cool and interesting people), staying in a luxury hotel instead of the small guesthouse we are used to, and more than five tons of gear.

Final Preparations

PACKING FOR TREKKING April 2,  Approach 
The day is almost here. We’ll be bidding farewell to Göttingen next Monday as we set off for Tibet to take on the Everest Expedition. It’s a long journey that will take almost nine weeks but we’ll be in touch on route with a full update on our experiences from the highest mountain in the world.

EVEREST4K press release

Two expedition filmmakers are set to fulfill their most audacious dream: The ascent to the top of Mt. Everest.